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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for suggestions on prescription drug sponsors. If anyone has the time to comment, which sponsors would you recommend and why? Which ones have good conversion rates or do they all have a lot of rejects? Is that just the nature of drug sales online? Maybe the most important question is, which sponsors should be avoided?

    Thanks for any help that you can provide. Maybe this will help others too, not just me.

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    i got payments for all companies i joined.
    Thus, most of them are good, don't worry too much.

    Just promote.

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    I'm not aware of anyone selling any prescription drugs online. I think this is a government issue, FDA, or something. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but, the only legal drug related stuff is vitamin sites. Even places like don't push prescription drugs.

    As far as who I would avoid? I don't know about you but my spam-meter hits its highest with viagra-related crap~! The only good thing I see about increasing my libido (by decreasing the blood-flow to my penis) is that it might overtake all the spamdogs pushing me to increase my penis size. If enuf people push viagra, there will be none left to push penis enhancements.

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    My advice if you choose to push prescription drun merchants is to have an attorney on retainer. The porno sites and Mortgage/Debt consolidation players all have litigation eyeballs peering at them.

    Charlie ...

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