Hello -

My first site is up and running - it is a content site, and I've just added a sales site "underneath" it. So far it is doing pretty well, dinking in some good sales for a first site.

My question is, more on the sales site part of it - I obviously don't make enough in CJ or the other networks yet to get the free datafeeds (and most merchants probably don't even have datafeeds anyway), so I've been copying and pasting product links, the name of the product, etc into a spreadsheet.

I bought WebMerge and am using that to generate an index page, and product pages underneath that. Is this the "right idea"? If a product link ever changes, I can update it in Excel, re-run WebMerge on it, and upload the pages that were affected to my server. Since I am not going off of any data feeds yet, I do NOT put prices on my site or any data that would change very often...

My question is twofold :

A) The process I am using now (copy and paste into Excel, using WebMerge and my HTML templates to create pages, uploading to server), all of this without using a datafeed - does this sound like a good process for what it is? Is there anything I could be doing better?

B) When and if I ever do begin getting some datafeeds (either from independents, or the networks) would a program like WebMerge still be the best solution? I've heard of people generating thousands and thousands of webpages per day : typically, how do the "pros" do it - what do you guys use? Also, usually, when you hear about thousands of pages being generated are they right off of a product feed with no individual customization to each page?