Is anyone else out there using the CCS data feed? I never come on ABW to vent, but I thought this could use some attention. CCS has the wrong sale prices listed for 11 pairs of the hottest shoes this fall. Nike P. Rod's for $24.99? Fallen Rangers for $19.99? DVS Militias for $24.99? They've been this way for weeks. After numerous attempts to get through to someone at LinkShare in regards to this issue, I finally heard back from them. They told me I was wrong and the prices were correct. I had to actually send them an example of their feed to prove to them I was in fact correct and that they were wrong. The only response I get now is that "they're looking into it". I happen to run a skate/snow/surf comparison site and have very good organic rankings for the shoes in question. I don't want to remove CCS entirely as they have a great selection of products in this niche. If you happen to use the CCS data feed for anything, check out these product ids. 2NG1203, 2DG1009, 2DB6704, 2NB5303, 2SG1119, 200027, 2FB6702, 2DB7004, 2DB6205, 2EB6503, 2DB6103. If you visit any retailer that sells these shoes, they'll tell you these are above and beyond some of the best selling and most popular skate shoes this fall.

Has anyone else out there come across this?