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    Commissions: Total vs. Extended vs. New
    Can someone explain to me why I saw $178 in commission on Nov.30, but today I only see $33.78 of that?

    Here are the numbers:

    New: $33.78
    Extended: 141.78
    Total: $178.23

    The three orders now missing as of today are from Ritz Camera, Sony, and Lenovo. My three biggest sales from that day!!


    Do I email the merchants individually to find out what happened?

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    Those 3 merchants extended those sales and possibly (probably) extend all sales for up to 45 days, which is allowed at CJ. Some merchants don't extend sales and the commissions are payable in the upcoming payment period.

    The extended sales will (should) be paid in either 30 or 45 days and in the CJ payment to you at that time, depending on how long the merchant chooses to extend sales. Some people don't work with merchants that extend sales - some don't seem to mind.

    I don't like it but it wouldn't turn me off a merchant I want to work with or one making me money.

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    several of my cj merchants automatically extend commission to match their return policy days. not ideal, but it just means you have to wait longer to see it

    one - this drives me crazy - shows up on the main screen shot of daily sales, and when you click thru to the real sales report, it's not there (it's in the extended sales report) which i can never find in less then an hour

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I'm not sure I like the extended sale stuff, but if I want the commission, I guess I better just wait for it, eh?

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