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    Modifying generated links to make them fit your site
    I am an experienced web programmer totally new to affiliate marketing. In getting a link generated from LinkShare for a Sharper Image page, they state the following: "This code must be placed on your site exactly as it appears."

    Do they say this merely to make sure webmasters don't botch up the tracking link? Or is there some other of important reason why they want their links to appear exactly as they have generated it?

    Here are some things I want to change about their links:
    - The anchor text in a text link
    - The size dimensions of an image link
    - The URL of the image in an image link (a cropped version of the image they provided, at a URL on my own webspace)
    - I want to add target="_blank" to send the person to a popup window rather than the same window

    Are these modifications something that LinkShare and Merchants have a problem with?

    Also (separate question), I noticed that their generated link is accompanied by an image tag that does not load an image at all, but rather what is likely a tracking script so they can keep track of people who merely come come to your page without clicking on the link (yet). Is this image tag really neccessary? Do these companies tend to insist on this being there? Will the tracking not work without it? All that should be needed is the affiliate URL, right?

    There are a lot of questions in the message. Thank you so much for taking a look at this!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidPesta
    Do they say this merely to make sure webmasters don't botch up the tracking link?
    Exactly. The changes you're talking about are fine (as long as you don't botch up the tracking link <G>).

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    Excellent! One more thing. Does your answer also apply to the hidden image tag that they appear to be using to track visitors who merely view the page where the link is (without neccessarily clicking on it)?

    (I'm getting excited!)


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    Here is an example of the hidden image tag that accompanies the link:

    <a href="" >Product Name</a><IMG border=0 width=1 height=1 src="" >
    Right after the link comes the image tag, presumably tracking non-clicking visitors. Must I have this image tag on my page, or can I safely remove it?


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    you don't need the image. all you need to track sales is the actual link part. if you want to track impressions, (who 'saw' your link), then you can use that image.

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    Great news! I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some industry reason they want me to keep the hidden image (visitor tracker).

    Much appreciated!


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    Thanks for asking that David, I was wondering the same thing.

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