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    More Expired Merchants?
    My list shows,
    411Inkjets - although the links still go to their site.
    4 your printer
    AAA Balloons
    AAA Fruit Baskets

    All expired.
    Oh and I did search this time..lolol

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    did you get this email?:

    We are pleased to announce that is launching a new unified Affiliate Network within Commission Junction! The previous offering was comprised of several independent affiliate programs that are now under the new centralized Affiliate Network. As of September 6th 2007, all programs will be consolidated into actions under the Affiliate Network (CID 418963). Included in this consolidation effort are the following accounts:

    Commission Junction Affiliate Network:


    Program Detail Page

    What does this mean for you?

    * When you join the Affiliate Network you will be able to promote multiple inkjet properties all at the same time. Every click that you drive has multiple opportunities to convert.
    * That means you will have access to links, marketing materials, and product information for a multitude of great products…all in one place!
    * Effective banners, text links and optimized product catalogs
    * Great publisher support + bonus programs
    * High conversion rates
    * Favorable Search Policy (See Keyword Link for details)

    What do you need to do?

    * We have sent a Pending Offer to you through the CJ Account Manager to join the Affiliate Network. This offer will automatically replace your former terms in seven days, or you can click here to join now!
    * Banner and text links from the main program will keep their existing AID’s (link i.d.’s). Any affiliates joined to this program should continue to participate as usual.
    * Banner and text links from the secondary programs (,, 4yourprinter,,, will be expiring in 30 days. You will need to update these links on your site by switching out the existing AID’s (link i.d.’s) with the new AID’s in the “Get Links” section of your CJ Account Manager. Look for all the top converting creative from the secondary sites under the new consolidated Affiliate Network program. If any additional creative is needed please let us know.

    The migration to the new centralized Affiliate Network is one we are very enthusiastic about, and we hope that you will join us as we continue to expand and improve this exciting opportunity! We value your partnership and want to help you in your success, so please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.
    and this one:

    Dear valued publisher,

    For efficiency purposes the following Commission Junction programs have been moved under the “GiftTree” master account in the CJ Marketplace.

    * 1 Stop Florist
    * Fruit Basket
    * Wine Basket

    In order to retain your commissionable traffic moving forward you will need to switch out this program’s links with new links located in the GiftTree master account.

    You may do so through application via the following link

    Thank you,

    The GiftTree team
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    Not that I can find. Sept. 6? wow. At least I know what is going on now. Thanks!

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