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    Invisible image tag REQUIRED for Commission Junction???
    In creating a link for a Commission Junction affiliate program, they display the following warning next to the generated link:
    You must include all the above html in your links. Any missing html, including the image source, will prevent the link from tracking properly and result in a loss of commissions.
    "including the image source"

    (Please note, the image tag is inconvenient with the web program I designed.)

    Why does Commission Junction require the image tag when LinkShare and Amazon do not require it?


    Thank you for your input!


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    Image Tag
    It's not required at all. I never use the image tag and have never had a problem. It's only useful if you care how many people have viewed your page. You can always test it yourself by clicking your link and checking several hours laters for the click to show up. If the click tracks, the sale will also....... assuming no parasites are involved.

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    Thank you for further confirmation. It's just strange that they want us to think the tag is required when all it does is track page views. I can set up my own counter for that if I'm interested in counting page views.

    Thanks again,

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    They also want to have this pageview information for their purposes. They may use it as a selling point to show advertisers how many times their ads have been shown (branding) also, it supplies them with click-thru rate of a creative. - Surprise and Delight!

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    If you are placing the link on a web page, and the downloading of a 1x1 pixel won't affect your bandwidth or load time, leave it in.

    It allows you, the merchant, and potential affiliates to see which banner or text links work best, and is to the mutual benefit of everyone.
    How anonymous is your proxy?

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