I was going thru my MSN adcenter campaigns and noticed on several campaigns (in my ad group settings) that I forgot to add United States as my sole target country. I'm in the US and I feel that most of merchants sales on my various sites (wide variety of products) probably come out of the US as well - though many ship internationally. In the MSN Adcenter customer targeting settings where it says "Distribute your ads by language and market" - all of my campaigns are set to "English - United States" but that doesn't prohibit from people out of country seeing and clicking on my ads. The target location section is where I had forgot to select the US.

Am I right/wrong about this? Should I add Canada (or others) to my Google Adwords/MSN campaigns? Advertise everywhere with no restrictions? Am I missing sales or saving lost money? I'd love to hear some feedback from affiliates and merchants on this one.