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    Is Ebay Dragging or What
    I was just looking for some Christmas gifts for my kids and saw a good price on Call of Duty 4 xbox 360 and got all excited. It is NIB and with only 7 minutes left in the auction the bid was only at $20.00. I clicked on the link to place a fast bid and low and behold the bid is up to $50.00 on the inside but still showing $20.00 on the outside. I'm noticing this with several products that are listed. The outside isn't keeping up with updating the bids.

    Man, ebay must be getting bombarded because I don't recall ever seeing this before.

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    I've seen that a lot during the last minutes of an auction. The lists don't keep up with the bids because they are happening so fast.

    More seasoned buyers on eBay know better than to place a bid on an item they really want until the auction is about to end ... in order to get the lowest price. If they bid early in the auction (like days before) then other people come along and drive up the bid. Less experienced eBayers are the ones that bid on items early in the auction.

    As for the lists ... if you're looking at one from an editor kit (which I assume you aren't), eBay drops items off the top of the list an hour before auctions close.

    If you hit "Return to list" on the auction page, it may also be that your computer cache just displayed the page the way it looked when you were last on it ... and pressing the F5 key to refresh might update the prices ... but back when I was doing a lot of buying several years ago, the norm was that the listing page didn't update very fast.

    Also, eBay has a Refresh Page link on the auction so you can see where the latest bid is at the end of the auction.

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    When you're just browsing through eBay's categories the amount shown is really a cached amount. Those amounts get updated anywhere between 1 and 15 minutes (by my estimation). This is because with the thousands and thousands of category list pages loading every second, each loading 50-200 items, if each item had to go and get the 'live' price it would really slow pageloads down. So ebay caches the current price at fixed intervals, and just retrieves that amount to display on the lists pages.


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    Thanks for the feedback Tracy and Comicartfans I normally only do some bidding suring the Christmas season and I guess I never noticed it before. One thing I am aware of though is to wait as long as long as possible to place a bid hoping the price isn't driven up. Thanks again

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