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    Pilfered coupon usage: DMCA / Copyright Infringement
    Mods, please move this if it's the inappropriate place to post it, but it seemed appropriate to me, since it raises the possibility of alternative courses of action.

    It just occurred to me, after reading the introductory thread to this forum, that unauthorized usage of graphics and/or text from another party's site is an intellectual property/copyright infringement, and subjects the offending party to the possibility of a DMCA complaint being filed.

    In short, if someone swipes our text and/or graphics and puts them on their site without our specific written permission, then we have the right to file a complaint with the search engines to have those pages removed from the index, and/or file a complaint with their web host, to remove their sites/pages from being accessed on the internet.

    Does anyone think that using another affiliate's exclusive coupons can be considered the equivalent of using their graphics or text and violating their copyright rights?

    The easiest explanations for intellectual property and copyright information and issues are at

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    Coupon codes would the intellectual property of the merchant, not the affiliate.
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    I concur with H.

    I also believe that most merchants genuinely had recruiting you or rewarding you in mind when they gave you a custom code, so let them know another rogue of theirs has ruined that plan. Most will fix it. Those that don't are telling you something you needed to learn about them eventually anyhow, better now than later.

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    As an affiliate manager (who, by the way, has kicked off many of the "innocent affiliates" who have posted here) I encourage all of my affiliates to let me know when exclusive coupons are being stolen by other sites. Unfortunately, once I remove the site, then they feel empowered to not play by any rules and flood their site with every coupon they can find, whether it be from emails, catalogs, whatever. Thus, they move up in the natural search rankings because of relevant content. Also, I recently had an outed affiliate spend his own money to outbid us on keywords and brand terms, even using our display URL to direct traffic to his site, knowing that he wasn't going to get commission, just trying to make us spend more money to outbid him.

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    That's when I want the networks to flex their muscles.

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