To cut to the chase, Jokaroo Entertainment, Inc. is seeking an investor. Before I get into elaborate details, I'll just run a quick summary of what we are looking for.

Our sites: [flagship site] [Affiliate promotion for]

The investment would be directly used for promotion and upgrading our members section. Specifically, the promotion would be used for pushing subscribers to our subscription based model...

Lastest Press Release on the model:

You may already notice that we focus on humor and you maybe skeptical on the successful implementation of this model. But with recently introducing this program, I can conclusively say we've had success. Our community forum, which is extremely active, seems to have a very positive impact on retention. We require a full subscription in order to post on our forums (4,000+ members) and we allow all guests read access only. Our members section includes a database of hundreds of funny movies and commericals. There are also many other features and benefits to our subscription.

In essence, the investment we need is for updating our members section with fresh new content and a system I can discuss with you at a later stage. In addition, we are looking for a cash injection to increase the base number of subscribers. This can be possibly achieved by purchasing private newsletter campaigns, or entering a network like Commission Junction.

If you have any interest, or in any way able to help please contact me immediately.

AIM: solidmak
ICQ: 20762139

Best Regards,
C. Pavlovski - Owner
ICQ: 20762139

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