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    Unhappy Google Adwords Keeps Kicking Our Site Off
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what Google actually needs to get listed and not have a high minimum bid? I've tried all kinds of things, and no bones. Extra frustrating when I see lesser sites showing on a regular basis.

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    build different landing pages and try out.
    sometimes, you may want to try landing pages on different domains to get over any adwords penalties

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    There are two things you need to worry about:

    1. Quality of your ad text: How well does it convert? If you're only getting 0.5% CTRs, you've got crappy ad text and need to do a better job writing your text. Here is a great collection of notes from Pubcon:

    2. Quality Score: Relationship between your ad text, the keywords and your homepage.

    I'd recommend:
    * Reduce your keyword list to two to three keywords. Starting small greatly helps you figure this system out. Don't choose the competitive terms - choose a few longer tail terms.
    * Take a look at your ad text and landing pages. Do the obvious things mentioned to improve them.
    * If you still aren't getting your keywords at decent minimums and you feel like you've done everything right, set a daily budget limit and up your keyword spend for a few days. Sometimes you just need to get your ads active to generate a history of performant ads.

    Good luck!

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    Oh, and make sure to use exact match keywords initially.

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