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    $50 bucks tomorrow $50 on thursday when you finish..DIRECTTRACK forwarding script..
    Hi there,

    I need the following, it's quite simple, but i need someone who know's how directtrack forwarding works/pixel firing/curl forwarding/redirects/cookies, etc..

    All i need is a script i can plug my direct track affiliate links into and have it follow all the redirect/allow pixels to fire/ set all cookies etc and finally display the offer. it needs to be done in CURL not using php's header function. the script has to be able to handle multiple users obvously and i should be able to install multiple instances on my server to handle all my affilate links. i dont care how i enter the url, it can be hardcoded in the php file for all i care, but it has to work! i need a guarantee that my leads will be properley credited with directtrack affiliate networks. if you can do this, its easy money. i'll use ANY escrow you want.

    posted this on various scripters for hire sites, but they don't understand affiliate marketing for the most part and dont understand that if this doesnt work i lose money! i need someone who can test this and make sure it's working - livehttpheaders, firebug? if you know what i'm talking about let's get this done.

    $50 buck bonus if you have a directtrack affilate network login to test with( i dont care which network)

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    DirectTrack Script
    Luke, I can help you out here. What is the best way to contact you?

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