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    Banner Hosting: Affiliate or Merchant?
    I was wondering if there is any advantage to hosting the merchant banners yourself? If a particular merchants image server is slow, I can see where it would be beneficial. There seem to be more negatives on hosting the images yourself.


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    I almost always prefer to let the merchant do the hosting... less work and maintenance for me. There are exceptions of course... but generally, I'd let the merchant do the hosting.

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    I think there are many more advantages if the affiliate hosts the image, top three off the top of my head are:

    1 - Site continuity (how many times does a merchant switch out a banner radomly and it just doesn't match your site's look and feel anymore).
    2 - ad server blocking - need I say more?
    3 - Image server downtime - speaks for itself.

    If you've got the time, wherewithall, and bandwidth / capacity then I'd reccomend it.
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    Images also usually load a lot faster if you host them on your own site - and will load everytime as long as you have no server problems.

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    Just a caution that some merchants don't allow affiliates to host their banners. Proctuct images I guess more than banners. One I managed in the past comes to mind...
    Deborah Carney

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