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    What's going on over at CJ? When a merchant extends a private offer (increases the commission setting for a publisher) he/she is greeted with a comical message... something like "are you sure? this may not take effect for 7 days due to a grace period."

    What? Well... sure. I'll just tell that to my publisher. You're going to have to wait (for no apparent reason) for that setting to kick in. I'm thinking about telling them, "Oh... hell, why don't you just take my link down for a week." That or, "hey, Performics runs us too... why not just switch the link out and earn your percentage TODAY." OOPS! I'm sorry... Performics has totally locked me, the merchant, out of adjusting commissions. Silly me!!! It's a wonder that I can even run a program via the networks. What a pain.

    What is this all about?

    Gratuitous troll: Webmaster Mike... please tell me that CJ isn't up to some kind of dirty trick.

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    Short sighted thinking on CJ's part. They never invisioned their merchants would actually raise the commission rate for select affiliates ...only lower them as the normal course of business. Therefore the 7 day waiting period like you get when buying a handgun.

    WebMaster Mike

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    Apologies on the vagueness of the following message:
    There may be a 7 day grace period before your changes take effect. Do you wish to continue?

    If you raise a commission or enable an action, the changes take place immediately. If you do anything else (ie lower a commission) there will be a 7 day grace period.

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