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    A very interesting subject by Rexanne

    This prompted me to suggest a solution which might or might not work out. It depends on how one thinks and view about it.

    We have the best forum from Haiko, one of the top marketing network SAS and quite a number of reputable, reliable AM/OPM.

    Why not they work out together and form a merchant themselves. Most of them reside in the US. They can start with a few salesable products and once they are streamlined they can add more.

    If they need international products, we overseas affiliates can help out or maybe start a subsidary branch at our location.

    It looks tough but with so many genius around here they definetely can work something out.

    Maybe someone can have better ideas of working this out.


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    Yah, more competition, I and SAS's other merchants really need that...


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    I don't think it addresses the problem that Rexanne pointed out, which is basically that affiliates have certain managers they trust when advised to promote a merchant. Rexanne was seeing a pattern of merchants using that to get the affiliates and then dumping the managers.

    What you're proposing is a completely different business plan then the various managers have chosen. If any of them wanted to be a merchant, they would go that route.

    I think the problem of merchants churning managers is just something we as affiliates make note of. We can base our future decisions on the patterns we see. I don't think any of the players need to be "rescued" by a plan we create here in the forum.

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