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    Insight into who at MSN registers and pays for domains
    Gotta be careful with who you may assign to manage your domain names and their renewals...

    Ex-Microsoft Manager Charged With Fraud

    While a program manager at Microsoft she used her Microsoft corporate American Express card to pay for the purchase, registration and renewal of Internet domain names. She falsified credit-card receipts to show she paid higher prices and used them to support "false and fraudulent amounts claimed on her reimbursement request to Microsoft," the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

    In addition she allegedly became an Expedia vendor and submitted invoices to that company, payable to herself, for domain-name registrations that had previously been paid through and agreement between Microsoft and Expedia.

    The indictment also alleges that Gudmundson asked Microsoft to reimburse Marksman, a company that buys domain names for private parties, for domain purchases it made on behalf of Microsoft. She then requested Marksman send checks to a bogus person named G.M. Lossman, who lived at the same address as Gudmunson's mother.

    The indictment said checks and wire transfers were deposited to accounts in Gudmunson's mothers name and her own. It lists 18 transactions, by wire and mail between June 29,2000 and January 22,2004. The amounts ranged from $13,620 to $112,295 and totaled $797,362.

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    Another instance that reaffirms the tag line in your sig. Such a shame.
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