I know there are a lot of good designers in here, so why don't some of you give it a try? You might get a flying advertisement

Project's title:
New visual identity for JAT Airways company

To create a new visual identity that will promote and communicate vision and spirit of the company.

Logotype and application of the logotype on the tail of the plane.

About the company:
During the eighties, JAT was among best European air companies. After several years of stagnation, due to political and economic difficulties in the region, the company is ready for a fresh start.
With a vision of becoming a leader in the region and determination for top quality service, the company is ready to take the role of connecting South-East Europe with destinations around the world.

Technical Requirements:
Print logotype and the application on an A3 size paper and apply it on a hard surface. Enclose a digital version or CD ROM. High-resolution (300 dpi), minimum size 210x300 mm (portrait or landscape), in TIFF or JPEG (RGB/CMYK, high quality) format, for PC. Mark the CD - ROM as well as its cover. Versions stored on CD -ROM should not differ from the printed work (the original). Do not send files via e-mail.

Signing the work:
In order to secure fair competition terms, the applicants are advised to sign their work by code and enclose a separate, sealed envelope containing their name, address and the code.

Mailing instructions:
Entries should be sent by May 19, 2003. It is the entrant's responsibility to guarantee the arrival of the materials in perfect condition for judging and to fully cover all mailing costs.

The competition is open for designers from all regions and countries. There is no age or any other limitations.

Mailing Address:
JAT Airways
Attn. Logotype contest
Bulevar umetnosti 16
11070 Novi Beograd

Upon reviewing all the offers, the Expert team will bring the decision on the best general design. The price for the best-awarded general design shall be EUR 7 500 (some 8000 USD)