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    Question from a newbie - is this a crazy time of the year or what?
    Hello -

    Just a quick question from a newbie - do affiliate transaction postings get more irregular this time of the year? We've noticed transactions rolling in 2-3 even 4 days later on CJ and Linkshare transactions reeeaaallly backed up. Even Shareasale is running a day or two behind. What's everyone else's experience these few weeks?
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    I haven't seen that at all, especially with SAS. SAS transactions post almost instantly. I just refreshed the "Activity Detail" page at SAS, and my last commission was from less than a minute ago.

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    I agree with Michael. Some merchants report in batches so you will see transactions report to CJ days after the fact. But I see no difference now than any other time of the year.
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    Thanks for the input! I think we're just getting used to various merchants' transaction cycles.

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