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    Looking for ideas for site to dump a pest bot
    I have been getting blasted by a couple of rude spider bots - they won't pay any attention to robots.txt so I had to add them to my 'deny from' black list in the Apache configuration file. That works - the pests are denied access to my server and they get a 403 Forbidden error. That sort of makes them mad so they repeat trying to access the page I blocked them from - 30 or 40 times at 4/second before they move to another of my pages and repeat... Yesterday they hit me 9000 times. I can go into the Apache configuration and set it so the client that receives a 403 error is redirected some place - I need clean suggestions for where to send them. Thoughts???


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    Wikipedia. The rogues want content? Give them LOADS of content...server-crashingly huge loads of content...

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    Or send them to google groups.

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    Unethical spiders and robots.txt
    I've always wondered about Robot.txt. If I remember right, it lists where the spider should not go, and not index. Seems like the unethical spiders would find that file and go to those files and directories first!

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