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    Question Orders not converting into sales - what gives?
    Totally stumped. I am seeing orders show up on my amazon affiliate account from products that are being offered through my aStore site (books), but for the second month running, orders show up, but those orders never ship to become sales that I get paid for. Are these abandoned sales cart orders or am I missing something why these aren't converting into revenue for me? Anyone else experience anything similar like this with Amazon?

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    I've always got a steady percentage of orders that don't ship. Not sure if they're cancellations or the items are out of stock. I'd expect more of the latter this time of year.

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    Probably OOSes. My mother ordered something from them 2 years ago, they never did get the thing in stock, and it stayed in my account as an unshipped order for at least 6-7 months--after which point, I stopped looking.

    IIRC, canceled orders say somewhere/somehow that they've been canceled, but it's been awhile since I've seen one so I'm not sure exactly how they record it.
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    There is also a smattering of fraudulent orders that never ship. A month ago someone placed an order for 50 rubber mallets through one of my Amazon sites. I don't expect that to ship.

    I've never seen any info that indicates if an order was cancelled or out of stock.
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    As noted, some of these are "out-of-stock but reordered," and unfortunately some publishers don't reply when they get orders for items that are out of print.

    In other cases, the book is clearly identified as taking several weeks for delivery, because they must be special-ordered from the publisher -- and these orders are more frequently cancelled or unshipped. (One issue is that a credit card may expire while the order is pending.)

    Another huge issue are "pre-orders," where consumers place an order for a DVD or book which won't be released until a specific (later) date.

    In the past, the unshipped percentage for my Amazon account ranged from about 1% to 5%.

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    Here's a few reasons why I believe many orders don't get shipped:

    1. out of stock item
    2. customer abandoned cart
    3. customer canceled completed order that didn't ship
    4. if you order from yourself using your own id
    5. problem with 3rd party sellers

    It's not an exhaustive list, but they are generally the main reason why an ordered product doesn't show as shipped.

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