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    PPC search engines
    Does anybody knows about local ppc search engines except google/yahoo/msn for the italian / german / french markets?
    Thanks guys

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    Umm ya, do Google PPC and set your country selections and if they offer by cities, i.e. Rome, select that to narrow it down even farther.

    Yahoo has a US version and a UK version, you'll have to check about the other countries or if they are included in it.

    Baidu is the largest engine in the world which goes after some of the asian markets if that is something you are interested in and there are various other engines which take the cake in some countries like I believe (but am not sure) altavista is still used heavily in parts of Russia.

    You may also want to just look up European third tier engines for your niche.
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    You need to search for local classified sites if you dont want to advt via google local ad feature.

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