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    Did DT improve the last years, and is it a good option for inhouse affiliate system?
    Hi everbody,

    We are also looking around which affiliate system we should use inhouse. We are a large shopping website (150.000 - 200.000 unique visitors per day) and our current system is based on sales only.

    At the moment we use Bfast, and I really hate the system. We are looking at Tradedoubler, but I personally find their system very complicated and not user-friendly.

    I came across Direct Track in the book of Evgenii Geno Prussakov. I had a demo account and I found it very userfriendly and a lot of options.

    But I have read positive and negative threads on DT, but al from years ago. Did DT improve and what are these days the pros and cons??

    Thanks for the info!

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    Admin Note: Post Split off from the Direct Track Posting located here

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    In my opinion, DirectTrack as an affiliate tracking solution is fine. You can see just about everything, including all the vitals (such as referring urls and whatnot), though it can run a little slow at times.

    Keep in mind that DT is best suited for CPA/CPL lead generation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdJumpCM
    Keep in mind that DT is best suited for CPA/CPL lead generation.
    Can you elaborate? How exactly does it underperform on CPS?
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    LA_Valette, feel free to PM me and i'll gladly provide my feedback on DT's ability to handle CPS campaigns.

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    Their technology is fine, but the creeps that often use it have stained them. Consider that impact on your recruiting efforts.

    Personally, I'm extremely cautious of working with anyone using DT because so many typical users are subaffiliate cpa networks doing the nastiest of things in our industry.

    Some say to me that my criticism of them is unfair, two points back on that: (1) the cross publication feature that enables daisy chaining subaffiliate id networks / entities has done tremendous real damage to our industry for years by obfuscating the perps identities and making it extremely difficult to track down poppers and cheaters, and (2) I didn't earn their reputation for them, so calling my opinion unfair is to deny the reality of the marketplace and the opinions of the masses in it (and, btw, I consider tougher recruiting to be real issue, whether it's basis is reputation, rumor or even ignorance).

    I do happen to work with 2 groups that use DT, but I've vetted them thoroughly. If somebody I hardly know (no personal relationship) uses DT, the chance of getting me to believe they know what they're doing and that they're ethical about it, is somewhere in the <1% range.

    BFast is a dead (sub)network and TradeDoubler is primarily in Europe and Asia. I have no idea where DT's reputation stands overseas, my answer is geared mainly toward north american affiliate operations. If you want to operate in north america, I'd suggest you review ShareASale and AvantLink, while not inhouse systems, the fraud being committed here means you'd better have some Affiliate Manager firepower or a network committed towards arming you with tools and systems to do it right, or if you're not a large brand name, you'll tank in relative obscurity.

    Whatever you choose, best of luck to you!

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    We had terrible luck trying to get in touch with our account manager and tracking wasn't what I'd consider 100% reliable. That was just our experience.

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