I am really new to this. So bear with me... I just launched my first website on Cyber Monday. I used a WYSIWYG editor to build it, so it's really amatuer. I don't know HTML, or how to use CoffeeCup HTML editor. Can't afford Frontpage...anyhow, after having crying fits on cyber monday, I actually (FINALLY!) got my site up! I couldn't belive it!
My site is about free samples, online shopping discount codes, and survey companies. ALso, which survey companies are scams... so I'm wondering if anyone else here is working to buiild their dream website, like me? I've been an avid hunter of freebies and an abuser of coupon codes for 10 years now. I made a hell of a lot of $ by doing online surveys. That has slowed.... so I decided to build my own site, around my interests, and I had heard about Google Adsense and how if you owned your own website, you could make money with google ads...

So here I am! Most everybody else here seems to focus on promoting just one product per website. Mine is different... I have signed up with nearly 200 affiliate programs, from walmart - stuffed animal shelter.... I figure, the more affiliate links, the better my chances of somebody shopping. The more the merrier. The bigger the selection, the better the chance of a sale. Am I wrong?

Well, I've been told I should focus on one product... but I'm interested in coupon codes and survey companies... I want to keep with what I know and love. So is anyone else out there making a website kinda like mine? I really need some advice, pointers, tear my site apart, whatever! I realize it isn't fancy! I don't know how to work with my WYSIWYG editor too much. Having a lot of trouble with page layouts..... especially on the front page.

So if anyone is listening, please look my way... I'm overwhelmed with all of the info here on these forusm. So many forums! Oh, btw, my google adsense account has about $22 in it, just from 2 weeks, since I started. Is that good? Too low? I'm shocked, actually!

Well, thanks for letting me ramble... I don't know where else to go! I'm hoping that if I just keep coming here, and reading all I can, slowly everything will start to make sense.......