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    The "Rules"
    When I first started affiliate marketing, I read a few simple rules about being successful. The one that I remember the most is "a page a day, a site a month." Fine. I'm doing that. BUT as the number of sites increases, I have a question: Eoes the "page a day" rule mean "one new page total each day," or "one new page per site, per day." Because as the number of sites increases, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be able to write decent content for each site EACH day. In fact... I don't do it. I can't. (Three kids, two dogs, a hubby, a household, and a life prevent me from doing so.) SO. Does anyone with more than 10 or 20 sites ACTUALLY write a page of content per site, per day??

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    Eh, that was an old rule I saw that posted when I first got here. Do what you can. In general I think what it means is constantly create something. If you don't put it out there, it can't get crawled and indexed. And so many factors go into that. Your situation, how much time you have, your sites etc. Maybe that was a good way to at least get something accomplished every day, like a minimum goal that was each to reach, a page a day.

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    Yep, Trust is right on.

    And as you grow and learn more, you find your own best methods and metrics - the page a day is more a goal for somebody who isn't sure what to do each day. If you build content, you will be forcing yourself down that learning path, rather than sitting there wondering what to do - so it's still good advice, but like going to class at college, it's not meant to last that way forever. At some point your graduate and set your own goals that fit exactly you.

    So you're on the verge of learning that quality counts more than quantity, but I gotta tell you... if you never tried quantity in the first place, it's a little hard to really learn this lesson out of thin air and hope.

    So congrats, your questioning this "rule" is a sign of your progress. Run with it.

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    I remember reading that rule when I first got here, and I've got a sticky note up for myself that reads "Have you done your page today?"

    For me, that doesn't mean do a new page; it's a deterrent to procrastination for updating pages that I find monotonous, grueling work - like product pages that need frequent updating with less than optimal ROI. Still, they shouldn't be outdated with dead or expired links that are out of stock so I have to literally force myself.

    It also serves as a reminder, not to do a new site a month, but to consider and investigate the possibility of doing some new sites with a different method, format or model than what I've done in the past.

    I take it as inspirational rather than literally.

    Maybe that was a good way to at least get something accomplished every day, like a minimum goal that was each to reach, a page a day.
    Exactly! Some people are self-starters, but others (like myself) need a little shove to keep at it, no matter what.

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    Did you say only 1 site a month? oops...

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    Glancing at this thread's title, I thought the topic was going to be about the book written by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider

    Nah, The Rules didn't work for me so I donated the book to my favorite used bookstore on St. Mark's Place off of 1st Ave.

    In terms of updating and creating web pages, even if you update a portion of a page or create a blog entry that is in conjunction with your site, positive things will happen
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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