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    Can someone please tell me what these 35 day and 45 day cookies are?
    I've been signing up with affiliate programs, not knowing really what I am doing, only 2 weeks into having my site up and starting this project, so forgive me...

    I keep seeing companies mentioning they have these cookies. I know what a cookie is on my PC, so what are THESE cookies for? They expire--what does that mean???

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    Super Dawg Member Phil Kaufman aka AffiliateHound's Avatar
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    When a visitor clicks one of your affiliate links and is taken to the mechant's site, a cookie is set with the merchant. Should your visitor not make a purchase, but return to that merchant's site directly, with out first visiting your site, and then make a purchase, you will earn a commission from the merchant, if that sale is made within the number of days that the subject cookie has prior to expiration. Thus, if you have a merchant with a 30 day cookie, and a visitor clicks through from your site, buys nothing then, but returns directly to the merchant site 28 days later and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Not so if the visitor does not return until 31 days later.

    There are 2 caveats to this:

    1) Many merchants limit the number of times a visitor can return. If a merchant limits number of returns to 1, and the above described visitor doesn't make a purchase on that 28-day-later visit, but returns again the next day, no commission is earned.

    2) Parasites can on occasion wipe our your cookie. See the info I left in the other thread where you asked about parasites.

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    Also blackberrybunny, cookies can get overwritten by other affiliates. The "last cookie wins" is a standard affiliate marketing practice. The theory is that the last affiliate was the one who actually generated the sale so they deserve the commission. This may not always be true.

    Merchants offer cookie life that can range from hours to months to years. You can find some programs that have no-overwrite cookies and lifetime customer cookies but those are pretty rare.

    Some programs allow you to actually enter the order yourself for your prospect via an online form. This guarantees that you get the commission. If you worked hard to move that prospect to the order page (like in an offline sales situation) you certainly deserve it.

    It's important for every affiliate to understand exactly how cookies work for each merchant. Your revenues depend on it.

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    U wish U knew
    They have a lot of preservatives... I prefer fresh toll house cookies straight out of the oven.

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