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    How do I see how many clicks each link got on CJ?
    I know on SAS I can see that a certain banner ad was clicked 4 times today. How do I do this on CJ? TIA

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    Blackberry the forums before you overload them with questions from this thread:

    You see the clicks the same way as you do in SAS, except you go through the reports section.

    A cookie duration is how long you get credit for when customers come back to make repeat purchases.

    The reason you keep getting banned from forums is because you keep spamming them. e-mail marketing is not spamming....participating in blogs is not spamming....just dropping your website on forums and blogs is, sending emails to lists of people who never opted in to received messages from you is, recruiting people from other forums and blogs without contributing or by dropping links that are irrelevant is spamming.

    These are simple questions with answers that are easy to find on your own.

    Use the search feature and do some research before you continue to ask these. We all had to learn and we all had to read a lot. The search feature will be your friend if you try using it. You'll find people here are always happy to give you some answers, but when you overload us with questions like these, people will be reluctent to respond to anything you may ask in the future. Just a quick FYI.

    Anyways, welcome to ABW and please read before you continue to ask these. The acronyms thread may be a good place to start.
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