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    Create a snowglobe and Pepsi will make a donation :)
    Hope I'm allowed to do this and hope I inserted the link correctly. lol Not always very good at that here. lol
    Moderator: If I'm bein bad, I'm sorry and please delete it. Am not affiliated with them or anything, don't actually remember how I ended up with them sending me emails lol but received one today.

    Kinda fun for any of the little people (or bigger ones)..You have to be a member of Pepsi site (don't remember but think it's just usual stuff you give like name, address, email, pick a username or password) Choose a background and a few things to include in there (pssssst mine's got a teddy, Rudolph, snowman and a Christmas tree) and taaa daaa you've made a little virtual snowglobe. We're not talkin about a whole lotta fun here or anything lol but it's still gonna benefit those who need it.

    Pepsi will donate up to $50,000 to America's Second Harvest ( The Food Bank) Not sure what amount is per snowglobe but it says for each snowglobe created they'll make a donation to them. So, it's gonna be for something needed. (If ya wanna, you're even able to upload your own image for the background and can send the link to your friends.)

    Create a snow globe

    You can look at the others that have been created if ya want, too.

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    Thanks so much for this! My four-year-old asked Santa for a snowglobe (I know - it won't stay this easy, will it?). He'll enjoy this in the meantime, that's for sure!

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