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    Question Specials/Coupons on multiple pages - Do not want index by SE
    I want to display the same Specials/Coupons on multiple pages on my site however I do not want Google and other search engines to index the specials/coupons on all of the pages just my homepage. I do however want the rest of the text on the pages to be indexed just not the specials and coupons. Any idea how to do this? Should I be concerned about this in the first place??

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    U wish U knew
    well you should be worried if it's a lot of duplicate content, because then the search engines will think it's just the same pages over and over. If its mostly different except a few things, then you may be safe.
    I don't know how to exclude a part of a page though? maybe an iframe?

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    The amount of the repeated text would be less then 5% of the page.

    Iframe is what I am currently testing on my homepage, which get indexed every few days. So far the text contained in the iframe have not been indexed by google so this may be an option but I want to wait abit longer before trying iframs on other pages.

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