I'm new at linkshare and would like to start promoting products on a website i'm building.

My site is going to be a search engine and directory for products that are on the sites of merchants i'm affiliated with.

I'm trying to get XML feeds of products by category.
So far i managed to get an XML products list by category and merchant doing this:


1234 = merchant ID (i got it by running the 'getMerchbyCategory' url)
27 = Category (i got it by running the 'getCreativeCategories' url)

Well it all works fine i just have two things i can't figure out:

1. The products XML Feed i'm getting has no Price Field and Product Description for the products. How can i include this info in my feed?

2. Most of the categories of the merchants i'm affiliated with return empty product lists. I guessed it's because the merchant left it empty and it's not something wrong i'm doing - am i right?

Thanks for you help