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    Review/Comparison Site Template or Setup Help
    Please forgive me if I am not in the right place

    I have a quick question, does anyone know where i can get a review or comparison type website template? I want to review some products and promote a good landing page using ppc. I don't quite know how to get the pictures with description to the right, review stars...etc. I am well aware that my site will need to be unique with content but I do want to incorporate the "Review" type look with the stars, and read more buttons.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance for your help....

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    I'm not sure if you are asking for a graphical template or a software platform to operate a price comparison site, and assume you are asking about a software platform because we are in the power tools section of the forum.

    The pictures you asked about are delivered in product data feed files as url links to merchant pictures. So understanding of data feed structure is fairly critical to what you are asking about.

    Sample datafeeds can easily be viewed in Shareasale data feed section. First you need to sign up with a merchant, then download the data feed and review it. You'll see column with a bunch of jpg or gif links to the merchant site.

    To set up price comparisons, obviously you will need more than one data feed to compare more than one price. Then you will need software to arrange the prices in order. My favorite tool, and the only one I have used is a product called Price Tapestry. If you can upload php files to a server, excute a setup file, and you are generally comfortable looking at php code and html, this could be the product for you!

    Otherwise, if you are really looking for a graphical html template, I haven't seen any of those in any template resources I have looked at. And if you are only looking for a graphical template, then you probably don't want data feeds. Therefore, to find the images you are talking about take a look at Popshops (Free or $5 per month), or Goldencan (Free or Commission on every 4th click). Those are tools I have used and like.

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