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    New thread consolidation policy - Please Read!

    As per a few suggestions and what appears to be nothing short of efforts of multiplicity, I have come to the decision to consolidate certain thread subjects with multiple threads in the same or multiple fora into the new "OFFICIAL" subject thread.

    What does this all mean?

    Instead of having multiple threads of the same topic in multiple fora or in the same fora we'll have just one that will be considered the Official thread and new posting will go into the official thread instead of a new one. Examples of the thread types would be 1) tracking down 2) balance dropping and 3) threads of a public nature that were started in a particular merchant, OPM or network thread (example: New years resolution thread posted in the ARC forum).

    This policy should help streamline the usual thread subjects while continuing to provide the necessary information flow.

    Edited to Add:

    As thread issues develop or reoccur, we will be assigning the OFFICIAL Thread designation on a case by case basis, we (the moderator crew) will not delve into the archives (750K+ threads) to make OFFICIAL threads.

    If a new thread is created discussing an already existing OFFICIAL thread topic, that new thread will be merged into the existing OFFICIAL thread. All actions of OFFICIAL thread designation and merging shall be solely at the discretion of the moderator whom is performing the action. Any questions or issues relating to this policy should be addressed to me either via a PM or email (haiko / at/ abestweb).
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    Is this our Christmas gift??? Santa has come early!!!

    It might make a little more work for the mods, but it will keep things organized and easier on the eyes. And, it will improve everyone's efficiency in the end.

    Great idea Haiko.


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    Yea! And there should be a punishment - like slow death - for anyone who tries to start another "My balance dropped" thread

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