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    Christmas Blues
    Sales plummeted from Thursday onwards. And today's almost dead.

    I guess people are hitting the malls now - no time for delivery of anything ordered online before christmas...

    Bah! Humbug!
    Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try. -- Homer Simpson

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    It's a very obvious "curve" as Christmas approaches. Sales usually peak in early December, then taper off from about the 5th (20 days before Christmas) to the 11th (14 days before Christmas); then there is a sharp drop but still activity until about the 20th or 21st, the last days when a 2-day order might be delivered before Christmas. A few companies may have been accepting orders yesterday (Saturday the 22nd) and promising "overnight" delivery on Monday, but few consumers will pay that premium; as of today, there is no hope for delivery before Christmas.

    Lots of people are actually distracted from shopping online because they're visiting family and friends, so the online sales activity today will probably be lower than a typical Sunday (possibly the worst Sunday of the year), and tomorrow and Christmas will not look anything like a typical Monday and Tuesday, for traffic or sales.

    And yet people are still buying stuff. Their printer ran out of ink after printing all the holiday cards; they realized that their digital camera's rechargeable battery no longer holds a decent charge; they need office supplies. At some companies, there may even be a surge of spending as departments spend money before the end of the year to avoid losing that budget this year AND next. Some small business owners (including some ABWers) may rush to buy business equipment (computers, printers, copiers) and supplies (paper, toner, 2008 desk calendar) before December 31 so that we can deduct that cost from this year's business income, reducing our tax obligation

    And of course, lots of people are receiving money, or Visa/MC gift cards, or other gift cards, and many of them will shop this week for the items that Santa didn't bring.

    Certain businesses will see much sharper drops: last year I operated a site for teachers, and of course all US schools shut down for 2 weeks, and thus my traffic collapsed, but then surged in the last few days before school re-started, as teachers began planning.

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    Great post Mark.

    Business owners should take note. It is a good time to squeeze expenses in before 12/31.

    We had a single $1,700 St*ples order hit this week with no extra marketing effort. Obviously, someone knew the tax benefit of getting the expense on the books before year end. Ofc D*pot is also doing well for us.

    The last week of the year is a great opportunity to promote merchants that carry business related items.

    Happy Holidays everyone!


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    Reporting has been broken since around 1PM PST on Friday, so that could explain your drop in sales... hopefully CJ will fix the problem soon

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    Sales don't "taper off" between the 5th and the 11th and then drop sharply. It's more like the 22nd when things slow down substantially. The biggest shopping days of the year tend to be around the 10th of December. Industry studies show this as do the stats from most merchants and ad/affiliate sites. If you pull back or plan your marketing activities as though volume starts declining on or around December 5th, you're going to leave a fortune on the table.

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    What Superstar said. Things were cookin' all month until it got to where there was no freaking way the stuff could arrive in time.

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