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    I started doing a newsletter using the service "your mailing list provider". They provide an archive page that I have linked from my index page. Does this add content to my site or will it be viewed as simply an outgoing link?
    The page they provide is something like:

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    As far as a visitor is concerned, it's content.

    But if your looking from google's view, make sure you link back to your site from the newsletter archive. (assuming of course that ymlp allows spiders in there.)

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    It's easy enough to just copy your newsletters onto a web page by pasting it into a WSYWIG editor, so why not just put them directly on your site?

    Presto, insta-update, and it's c*ntent both from your viewers' perspective and from Google's when it's there on your site. I'd think this way would be a lot more beneficial from Google's perspective. I would expect an outlink to the mail place to be like any other outlink.

    But I will note that those who subscribe to your newsletter won't think it's all that special to see the same thing again (only on a web page), so you'll still need to come up with new stuff for the site to keep them interested!

    (Yes, when I get around to writing a newsletter it gets used as an e-z new c*ntent page! Ka-plang, change font face and color, upload...instant new site c*ntent!)

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