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    HD warning noise? Click ... click ... click
    I suppose "click ... click ... click ..." is appropriate for Old Saint Nick on Christmas Eve -- but it ain't the sorta sound you want coming out of a computer hard drive.

    I am about half way recovered from the webhost melt down I spoke about last week, and -- wham! I was using my trusty Toshiba notebook earlier today and suddenly everything locked up, with a very loud repeated "click click click" noise coming from the bottom of the machine.

    I turned it over, listened around and decided that the noise definitely WAS coming from the hard drive bay. Nothing I did would get the noise to stop. Nothing I did would get the cursor to move. Locked up solid.

    So, I did the only thing I could do -- I held down the power button and shut the little sucker down the bad way. (It's Windows XP, by the way.)

    While my Good Wife Shirley hunted up my mini-screwdriver set, I let the computer sit. Waited. Waited. Waited.

    I opened the hard drive bay and, sure enough, there was a nice little hard drive in there. I carefully unplugged the hard drive, held it in the air and very, very, VERY gently shook it once, stared at it intently, then replaced it.

    Then I waited. Waited. Waited some more.

    I turned the laptop back over onto its little bottom, plugged it back in, and fired it up.

    Everything booted smoothly, quietly, and wonderfully.

    So -- what's your best guess? Something just misaligned or worked itself loose? Or am I about to suffer an hard drive "boing boing gone gone"??

    Oh, yeah, I immediately ran checkdisk on it and did a full backup.

    Can't hurt.
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    Well, you're wiser than about 98% of all computer users, having done that backup. How old is the drive?
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    Deb had a problem with her hard drive a couple months ago. Here is the thread:

    Not quite the same issue, but maybe you can gleam some tips/tricks from that thread.

    I echo the previous sentiment, at least you've got a good and recent backup.
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    the clicking from a hard drive is usually the precursor to its complete demise. continue making regular backups and if the clicking returns (and you confirm it's from the drive), get it replaced.

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    The hard drive in one of my laptops did the exact same thing this afternoon. I did exactly what you did (minus the shaking), and it worked fine when I powered back up. I was surprised that mine started working again. Usually that's a pretty fatal sound.

    I had everything but about half a dozen files backed up, and I've since backed those up. It's my "backup" laptop (and my primary one is currently having some problems), so I'll probably replace the hard drive but maybe not immediately.

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    Sometimes I think personal computers were a mistake. There are just too many things that can go wrong, hardware AND software, that owners don't know how to fix.

    Was it the head of Sun whose mantra was "the network is the computer"?
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    The ONLY drive I have that recovered from clicking was a laptop drive and it is still working 3 years after the failure and freezing overnight.

    Others I have recovered, and they still work, but I don't trust them. and others recovered long enough to back up and then bit the big one.

    Back it up, buy a good external to attach to it, check where all your software licenses are and be ready.
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    Put your backups on autopilot ASAP. I don't trust my memory any more

    I use goodsync. It is always running the background. It analyzes the folders I've set up every two hours and backs up whether I remember or not. And it only backs up what changes. So I know if my machine fails I have never lost more than two hours of my life.

    (Note: This is good for file backups, not DB backups)
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    Gary, who have you pissed off? Technology certainly hasn't been your friend of late. Take everyone's advice and back it up. The last time I had a drive click like that, it failed within a couple of days.

    Hopefully all of your technology issues will end soon.

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    Hard drives are cheap - a LOT less costly than your time. So, my advice is to back up your latest files and replace that drive ASAP.

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