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    Out Of Stock vs PPC Advertising
    Considering that a merchant is out of stock of a product which makes up a large percentage of your sales, would you keep the PPC ads running anyway? Do you make a consideration that a cookie is still being set and the hope that the shopper will find something else to purchase from that merchant? I have stopped my advertising for the product that is out of stock, but I am not sure that was a wise thing to do. Hopefully we can share some insite regarding this issue. Unfortunately, all we know by using "sid - thru CJ" is what keyword was searched for and not what was purchased. My numbers are showing a strong EPC, but traffic has dropped so dramatically and with a ton of cookies set out there I can not rely on EPC as my guide at this point.

    Thanks in advance

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    I always pause ads to OOS items when I detect them. It's usually easy for me to spot; if the merchant's out of the item, ad spending for that merchant stays up, while conversions tank! Due to that tankage, I find it not to be worthwhile to advertise out-of-stock items.

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    I'd say it's definitely not worth it to keep the ad running. You'll only upset customers.

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    Yep, pause it. They'll go looking elsewhere and your CR will usually tank.

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