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    How To Clean Your New PC
    This article linked below isn't about removing the nasty, hard-to-remove-reinstalls-itself kind of aggressive shitware, it's just a guide to removing all of the pre-packaged junkware that PC makers slap on new machines.

    How To Clean Your New PC:
    (PC World; Sept 2007),13...n/article.html

    The info in the article is fairly basic stuff, but it's good. For example, if you think wiping the hard drive and doing a fresh O/S install will cut it, read on - PC makers are now bundling their junkware onto the install disks [so they can monetize your computer purchase via their adwhore deals (my 2007 year end ode to Mike)]. And Dell's removal tool removes everything except the Dell branded apps... that's treating your customers like shitake.

    Tips in this article will get rid of the junk and make your computer start and run much faster.

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    Good article. The PC mfg are one step ahead of the game when it comes to the installation CD.

    What I usually do is low level format the HD and get an OEM operating system cd. Then install the drivers, progs that I need..

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    Since most stuff is pre-installed, I spent a bunch of time uninstalling. Will check out that article because one thing I can't seem to get rid of is the Yahoo search bar at the bottom of the Vista desktop. Nothing against Yahoo, I just don't need that box sitting there, I have enough other stuff to look at
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