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    Hi everyone,

    I have about 13 sites I'd like to sell, and I'm wondering where would be the best avenue to do that? They're all in the same promotion category, and all target and advertise digiturf. I make on average $500 a month, but would like to cash out and focus on my main site. Too much going on, I really need to focus.

    Also, what's a good formula to use to set a price? I do no promotion with them at all, and still make a steady $500, for about a year now. They have really good major se rankings, and are way underutilzed. They could be generating at least three times that amout with promotion, and a half way decent face-lift. For pricing purposes, there's a couple pretty good url's in there horse racing/game related, if that would make a difference.

    I know about Ebay, but it seems to really not be the place these days to sell web businesses.

    Thanks for any help you could offer, I really could use the cash.

    Thanks in advance.

    Gaming Hits

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    Hello Gaming Hits,

    A good formula for an overall value of a web site selling/asking price is taking your average monthly sales profits and multiplying it by 3 - 5 years for an overall general value.

    This does not mean that this is what you will get for the web site selling price but, it gives you a starting range to work with.

    One spot that has been good for selling web sites for some of our clients has been Web Site Brokers service. There are many other services and marketing/selling methods that are available if you research it.

    There are also services out there that will do a complete analysis of your service and give you a documented breakdown of the value of your service in writing for your selling/asking price range like that will charge you $10 & up for a full documented value of your service to back up your selling/asking price to potential buyers which gives you far more credibility when you have full documentation available.

    I hope that helps you with your question.

    Ray Thomas CEO
    Development Resource & Javascript Public Archive Center

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    Thanks very much Ray!

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