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    Conversions Dropped? Check Your Links / Landing Pages!
    I have one affiliate program whose conversion ratio has always been fairly low, but that dropped even lower earlier this year (and stayed there). There was a change in affiliate management there, so I wrote it off as just a lame program and didn't give it any attention.

    Today, I got an email from a consumer that led me to believe the links weren't going to the right pages (although that's not what they said). I tested a link, and sure enough -- they went to an error page. A definite conversion killer. It's probably been like this for months (and tens of thousands of clicks) yet I never tested it and no consumer reported the problem. I've now fixed it.

    This was a "create your own" link, so it wasn't the merchant's fault (although they really shouldn't be changing landing pages if they can prevent it).

    I had something similar happen a few years ago with a merchant who changed all of their links. All of a sudden, the "Electronics Clearance" links went to "Plus Size Dresses" (or something like that), and similar things happened with just about every link I was using for that merchant.

    It pays to check your links from time to time, especially if you see a drop in conversions.

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    I know how you feel. I had a merchant change networks which required me to download their datafeed instead of having it delivered. But I forgot to change my import flag and my script was checking the same old datafeed for months for new products. In another case the link format changed and I didn't notice for a month. Turns out I was sending customers to the correct landing pages, but I wasn't earning commissions. Ugh!

    Now for the first case I've got a new query that tells me when a merchant hasn't added new products for a while. But the 2nd case is just something I need to check for.

    - Scott
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    Can you say which network this merchant is in (without the merchant's name) so we don't go through the create your own links for all our merchants etc... int he wrong network if we want to check for errors?
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    I was just checking some links last night and I see that the merchant has changed his prices, but the same old prices are up at SAS for new affiliates to promote. A shopper called me from the site contact page asking about the price differences. I clicked a link on that page to go see what the shopper had seen and neither the shopper's click nor mine show up in the stats. I sent an email to the merchant, awaiting a response now.

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    This particular case doesn't have anything to do with the network or really even the merchant. When I first started working with them, they didn't have a datafeed so I generated my own links. They've since created a datafeed (at least a year ago) and I'm sure their datafeed links point to the right pages, but their landing pages changed and I was still using the old links I had created.

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    May I add that you should also make sure that your contact information is valid and that you are checking your Junk email box for information from affiliate managers. Oh, and add all relevant contacts to your approved list. It's impossible for me to have to validate every email that is bounced back to me from the affiliates' SPAM filters after a mass mailing of a newsletter or special coupon release. Same goes when applying for a new affiliate program. There are many times that I would personally like to that the new affiliate, or even alert them to typos or broken links on their site, and I can't contact them!

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