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    How Do I Keep From Outbidding The Merchant?

    When merchant ask you not outbid him for first position on his trademark - how you actually do it?
    How do you know how much did he bid to be first?

    Does it mean that you have to enable position preferences?


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    set position preference and adjust ur bid so ur not above them, since position preference is not a sure thing. dont overthink it, just set the bid, see where u are after 10-15 min (when it's sure to have taken affect), then adjust as necessary.

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    Some merchants set a hard-limit on the bid which is easier to conform to. I think most hard-limits that I've seen are around a quarter.

    The best option may be to drop your bid to the minimum bid for the TMs; you can always go up if your ad isn't being shown for the TMs.

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