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    I am new to LinkShare and have concerns
    Hello everyone,

    I am new to Linkshare and have concerns. I have involved in this program for about 2 months and I am concerned about transactions. I have been experiencing much traffic and I am concerned that I am not showing any sales. This maybe a damn question, but is there a way I can check to see whether there have been sales that have not been posted?

    Thanks to all - have a happy new year!

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    What merchant are you promoting?
    If you are promoting hotels or travel related products, on many instances, they will only pay when it is consumed. That applies to all networks.

    If it is other items, it is when it is shipped.

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    The best way to test, IMO, is to do a test purchase yourself and see when and how it tracks. You can also look at the non commissioned sales report to see if there is any activity that was beyond the return days.

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    Get used to it...

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