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    Well, It's Down and I Can't Get the Contact Page to Load
    Seriously, this is crazy. Every other time I check my popshops or try to log in, it either won't load or is slow as molasses.

    I see the remark on here all the time "Contact Support." Well, right now, the contact page won't load. So, that's a no-go.

    I really love what I can do with Pop Shops, but the fact that it won't load half the time is really undermining the whole convenience of the program. Can you please let us know what's going on? I know you say contact support over and over again, but it looks like this is a problem that's fairly regular and seems to be happening to a number of users.


    ETA: Looks like shops are loading right now. I just wish it would stay that way!

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    The email to use, when needed is I've had some issues and at times have felt like a pest contacting them, but Jessie and Dan and everyone have always been extremely helpful.

    I too was unhappy yesterday when none of my pages containing popshops on 2 of my domains would load. Weird thing was, the shops on another domain WERE loading fine (that I don't understand at all).

    I know my sales have increased and I love the simplicity of it all and when everything works properly, it's great. I just wish when the shops aren't loading that a replacement placeholder would appear. I've seen this in the past (a graphic that says "oops" and tells the user to reload) but didn't get such a graphic yesterday.

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