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    Bundled Packages from AT&T?
    Anyone have the bundled packages from AT&T, which includes: local/long distance, internet, wireless, and digital TV. The budnled prices seem like a good deal compared to what I pay now.

    I wonder what kind of a difference, if any, there would be for me switching from RoadRunner to FastAccess DSL Xtreme. That would be my only concern.
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    We have the bundled package and LOVE it......we have not ever had an issue....

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    I switched from Verizon's DSL to Roadrunner's HSI because I found the DSL to be too slow. Of course, it depends on your physical location; you may find it to be faster or slower. I have my home, office & fax lines running on VOIP on the cable line w/ no problems. DSL had trouble keeping one VOIP conversation up.


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    My wife had a "combined billing" package from AT&T (formerly SBC) which proved to be a huge hassle. Her package included home phone, cell phone, and DSL service.

    The problem was that billing was handled through a special "combined billing department" at AT&T, and instead of simplifying things, it actually created much more hassle to deal with billing issues. Often, a single issue required talking to 3 different people -- which meant waiting on hold for three complete cycles, once for each call, even if we were transferred.

    Another problem was that the "deal" only applied to the original service level for each element, and thus when my wife upgraded her cell phone she lost the discount on her cell-phone service. She had the combined package for about 5 years, but we finally dropped in this fall after switching from DSL to cable modem.

    After we dropped DSL, we realized there was no benefit from continuing the "combined billing" arrangement, and so we jumped through a bunch of hoops to separate the cell-phone and home-phone accounts. We expect this to save us at least 20 minutes per call to AT&T.

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