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    How much is a "sex.xx" domain worth?
    Hi all,

    I was wondering, anyone has an idea how much domain name "sex.xx" is worth (where "xx" is a country-specific TLD)?

    The reason I am asking is I know of one being sold for 25k EUR. The domain can currently only be registered to someone living in that country, but in a few months it will be available to register by anyone in the world.

    I don't have 25k EUR to invest, but if this is worth something I could partner up with someone.
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    Domain appraisals are always subjective, and with that being said there is always a resellers price and end users price to consider.
    I suggest if you are interested in domain investments that you do some research yourself by reading active domainers forums and related industry journals.

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    I think this is a VERY FAIR price if not a steal for a long term investment.

    I would be interested in going in with a few people as a buying group to own this. Assuming in US it converts to about $40,000 ....

    We Could:
    10 people at $4000 each
    100 people at $400 each

    Anyone interested in forming a Domain Name Buyers Association?

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    Quote Originally Posted by c4
    I was wondering, anyone has an idea how much domain name "sex.xx" is worth (where "xx" is a country-specific TLD)? was offered for sale in recent SnapNames Live Auction with reserve price of $100,000 and got no bids. So I guess the answer to your question is - Less than $100,000

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