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Company Description: is the leading online provider of serial and data communications hardware. Not sure what that means? Basically, we dish out practical tips for getting all those pieces of computer equipment to talk to each other, and we sell and support all the pieces needed to make it happen. In short, we are a computer geek's dream come true.

If your site caters to Electronics, IT, Engineering, Networking, or anything else even remotely related to hooking up one electronic device to another, become a B&B Electronics affiliate. We have an excellent inventory of hard-to-find products that these folks simply NEED to have to run their business! Some of the products we offer are ethernet, serial devices, servers, cards, data switches, Bluetooth Wireless Access Equipment, USB Connectivity Equipment, Data Acquisition, Cables, Terminal Blocks, Fuse Holders, Enclosures, Power Supplies, Relays, Surge protectors, and more. I think you get the point.

There's really no other affiliate program out there like us. Our customers can't just drive over to the local "Cellular Data Modems" store and pick up a couple routers. They have to find a good, reliable (usually online) source. Today we inventory thousands of products and are recognized worldwide as an expert in data communications. With our extensive inventory, most products are shipped the same day they are ordered. That means your customers will be happy and keep coming back for more - earning you more than ever before.

As a B & B Electronics affiliate, you'll become our partner. We are here to assist you in any way necessary. We want you to succeed!!! If you ever need specific ad sizes or have a special request for us, we'll be happy to help.

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60 day

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