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    Do you know of any free paper recycling prog
    At my new company, I think we generate quite a bit of paper which goes into the trash can.

    Does anybody know of a local or regional recycler that will pick up paper from a company? I am not looking to make any $$ but I do not want to haul 1/4 tonne of paper every month to a facility.. (not really that much but you get my drift).

    Area: Houston TX

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    I don't know of a company, but--

    (I'm assuming you've already tried the paper phone book, as well as Goofle)

    You might try asking a baling-machine company in your area for that info. Those are the machines found in the back of nearly every factory/grocery store/anywhere that shifts a lot of stock (at least here in MI), which compact cardboard and paper into bales.

    Each bale's worth about $75 (in this area), so I figure a baler company would have a list of who'll accept bales as part of their sales pitch. So if you're willing to deal with a sales attempt, you can probably get it out of them who's willing to take the used paper (then call the recyclers they mention, and see if you can get a pickup without baling it )

    Even if the ones the baler-companies know of accept baled-only, those recyclers may be able to refer you to some smaller recycler that'll accept loose paper.

    Kind of round about, but should get you the info if you persist.

    (As for actual baling machines, ignore the pitches--they're a pain in the butt, and they look expensive as heck, so I'd avoid buying one unless you can generate quite a few bales/week...and it sounds like you'd be lucky to come up with 1 bale/month.)
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    The City of Houston has a major recycling effort - they mention office paper specifically as important to recycle:

    The City staffs a recycling hotline, call to find out what is recyclable, the proper way to dispose of trash, and where to take recyclables. The number is 713-837-9130.

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