I was quite annoyed this afternoon to discover, after setting up several new PopShops pages, that one of my ShareASale merchants is actually defunct -- and yet continues to maintain an active account and a "live but invalid" datafeed that was last updated just 10 days ago (Dec. 26).

According to the site, Scrapjazz.com has merged into Scrapbook.com. Datafeed links for Scrapjazz redirect to a page that informs consumers of this transition (but does NOT redirect or provide a link to the product at the Scrapbook.com site).

It's unclear whether the Scrapbook.com and Scrapjazz.com accounts are "linked" at ShareASale (if so, then affiliates would get credit for sales that arose after a consumer clicked on a Scrapjazz link and then bought something from Scrapbook.com).

I can't find any notice about this from Scrapjazz or Scrapbook.com -- I assume that ShareASale was unaware of this transition.