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    Hello people,

    I would like to bring up this topic. What is normal with cookies used by affiliate programs?

    For who do they set, is it if visitor goes to site A (site A gets credit) or if the visitor moves on to site B (does site B get credit)? In both situation let's assume that in first place the visitor actually buys at site A, at the other moment another visitor visits site A, but moves on to site B, and buys there..

    What is normal in the affiliate business?

    I am asking this because, an affiliate program where I am affiliated has the following scheme:
    you have a site, if the visitor first visits another site [cookie is setting](which is also affiliated with the affiliate program I mentioned) but don't likes that site, and moves to my site... and he/she buys at my site, This affiliate program don't give the credit to me, but instead it gives it to the first site..

    They are saying.. you have to be (very) high in the search engines to get the first click through and get the customer.

    To me this sounds really crazy.. I mean my hard work is not paid out..

    Is this normal or what?


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    Its definatley not the norm. 99% of affiliate programs follow the rule of "last in, first out" meaning the last click gets the sale.

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    Agreed with Akiva--the first click is definitely *not* the norm. Can you please tell us which program it is? Thanks.


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