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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi, some weeks ago someone send me an email asking for exchanging links. I agreed. Today I was visiting this site and found the site under construction:

    WE WILL RETURN ON 4/1/2003
    For Now Please Visit Our Sponsors...

    The date marked here is already expired and no link to my site is visible, although the webaddress appears when I did a link popularity check in Altavista. What should I do? Let the link from my site to this site or remove it?


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    January 18th, 2005
    The original purpose in linking (Pre PR) was to provide a path to useful information for visitors. I am not sure an "Under Construction" page is useful information. If and when the site returns, you can always reinstate your link.


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    4/1's not too far away, so I'd probably keep it until the 2nd (delays happen) and then check. If it's still down, buh-bye!

    The reason I don't say to rip the link right now is because the easiest time for them to rip *yours* is during a site redesign while they're already going over everything...but chances are if you leave yours up, they'll just reload their links page when finished. If your link stays disappeared once they come back (or they stay offline for ages) you can always axe theirs then.

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