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    Testing Ad variations
    I've been testing multiple Adwords ads for a group of keywords, for a couple months, and have 2 that work (I think) fairly well. One converts at 2.99% and the other at 1.53%. Google has shown the 2.99% Ad 70% of the time, and the other, of course, 30% of the time.

    My question is: Should I turn off the 1.53% version of the ad, and expect the best performing ad to perform as well with being shown 100% of the time, or should I leave the 2 versions in place, and take advantage of possibly reaching more people that would only respond to the second ad?

    I know the only "exact" answer is to try it for a while and find out, but I'm hoping someone has had a similar experience and can share their acquired knowledge.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I was in a similar situation awhile back, and from my experience, it's best to keep both ads going to reach more people. I tried both methods, turning off one ad that was showing less, and my hits decreased. I put the ad back up with the other one, and also changed the settings in my campaign to show the ads more evenly, and my hits increased. I tested both methods for a month, and the one with both ads (showing evenly) produced better results.

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    Another option is to tweak the lower performing ad and see if it can be as good or better than the top ad.
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